robin sinclair

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Robin was born in Buckie, Scotland in 1966 and studied at the University of Cambridge in the mid-eighties.
After a long career in the I.T. industry, he is now able to devote more time to painting, which has always been a favourite hobby: admiring natural forms; gazing at clouds, reflections in water; effects of light, shadow and colour. Groping for luna.

He lives and works in Teddington, Middlesex, UK. To see more of Robin's work, you are welcome to visit him in his Teddington studio: please enquire below.

All works are for sale, except where marked 'SOLD' or 'NFS' (Not for Sale). Prices are between £150 and £450 : please enquire below for more details.

Contact: , or +44 (0)7714 757 555